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News and current awareness for Business

How to find Business news. Please use the menu on the left to explore the guide. Contact your librarian if you need help or advice.

Guidance from Cite Them Right

Newspaper articles

Cite Them Right Online provides a few different ways to reference newspaper articles, including:

  • Online Newspapers
  • Letters, sections and editorials
  • Regional newspapers 

According to the basic Cite Them Right newspaper guidelines a simple newspaper reference from a nationally syndicated source with a named author accessed online would look like this:

Conboye, J. (2019) 'UK awards First Group and Trenitalia West Coast rail franchise', Financial Times, 14 August. Available at: (Accessed 14 August 2019).

Magazines and trade journal articles

The guidelines for referencing a magazine or trade journal are similar to those for referencing a journal article. A simple reference for a magazine with a print equivalent would look contain issue information, rather than a URL, even if it was accessed online. For instance:

Regan, M. (2019) 'The chaos cycle', Bloomberg Businessweek, 4625, pp. 24-26.

For further guidance, search Cite Them Right Online

Using RefWorks to cite and reference news and current awareness

RefWorks is an online reference management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels gather, organise, store and share all types of information and to generate citations and bibliographies.

You can automatically add references to RefWorks from most academic databases, including

  • CityLibrary Search
  • Google Scholar
  • Science Direct
  • ProQuest
  • Business Source Ultimate

For specific instructions on exporting data from each of these sites, please see the RefWorks library guide. ‚Äč