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Citing and referencing

Harvard style referencing

A reference in Harvard consists of two parts:

  1. The in-text citation, which appears in the body of the work. It consists of the author's surname and the year the resource was published, for example (Clifford, 2022).
  2. The complete reference at the end of the work, with the full details such as the title of the book or journal, the place of publication and the web address, depending on the type of source, for example, Clifford, L. (2022) Citing and referencing: a librarian's perspective. London: Facet.

A list of all references appears at the end of the work in alphabetical order by author's surname.

Cite Them Right for Harvard

Library Services recommends using the Cite Them Right standard for Harvard style referencing.

Setting out references to common source types in Harvard

 Follow the links below to see examples of how to cite and reference some popular sources in the Cite Them Right Harvard style: 

Harvard Citing and referencing quiz

Test your knowledge with our Harvard citing and referencing quiz.

Use Cite Them Right Online to help you answer the questions. You can complete the quiz in full screen

Further guidance for Harvard style referencing