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Citing and Referencing

Why cite and reference?

When you produce a piece of academic work, it is important to acknowledge other sources that you have used. Citing and referencing is the way that you acknowledge other people's ideas and work in your own essays, assignments and dissertations.

Remember that if you do not cite and reference your sources, or if you cite and reference them incorrectly, you could face penalties for academic misconduct and plagiarism. 

Key points for citing and referencing

  • Always cite and acknowledge other people's work and ideas.
  • Follow the guidance in the course/ module handbook.
  • Be clear and consistent.

Cite Them Right

Setting out references varies for different types of sources. Cite Them Right provides comprehensive guidelines and examples of how to reference all kinds of sources including books, articles, websites and many other materials.

There are print copies available in our libraries at the shelf number 808.027 PEA.

ProQuest RefWorks

ProQuest RefWorks is an online reference management tool that can be used by City students, staff and alumni.

Use ProQuest RefWorks to:

  • Manage your references for projects and dissertations and store them in folders.
  • Export references from CityLibrary Search, most academic databases and Google Scholar into ProQuest RefWorks.
  • Create bibliographies in different referencing styles and generate in-text citations.
  • Upload PDFs and documents directly from your computer.
  • Collaborate and share references with others.