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Help within Eikon

There are several ways to access help within the Eikon platform:

  • Select the  help button from the top right of the toolbar.
  • Open the menu (using the round orange Eikon logo in the top left) and select the Help option.
  • Ask a question using the search bar. Start your question with 'How do I...' to find autosuggest options.

Training for Eikon

Use the Refinitiv Learning Centre to learn the basics of the platform or discover how to use specific features.

It's free for you to access, using your or email address.

There is a specific academia pathway for academic use, but students are free to use any content or join any class that may be useful for you.

For users getting started, Refinitiv recommends the following video resources:

Certification for Eikon

Refinitiv Certification for Eikon

You can get certified on all the Refinitiv products that the Business Library subscribes to - follow the link above to find out more. Make sure you create your own account with your or email address.

The certification programme is made up of dozens of modules that you can take at your own pace. Modules cover topics such as:

  • Getting started with Eikon
  • Price and news discovery
  • Charting
  • Analysing data
  • Markets