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Public Health

For students taking courses in Public Health and for anyone interested in or performing research in this area.

Public Health data & statistics

The following websites provide access to data and statistics relating to public health.

Name Coverage
Public Health Profiles Provide access to a wide range of health and health related data. Data is organised under profiles such as determinants of health; public health outcomes; child and maternal health etc.
Public Health England: Knowledge and Data Gateway Provides access to tools and resources for public health professionals from one single portal. They cover a wide range of public health areas, including: specific health conditions (e.g. cancer, mental health, cardiovascular disease); lifestyle risk factors (e.g. smoking, alcohol, obesity); wider determinants of health (e.g. environment, housing and deprivation); and health protection (differences between population groups, including adults, older people and children).
Public Health from NHS Digital Includes a compendium of population health indicators and a section on lifestyle.