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Library Services for Additional Needs

Disability and neurodiversity support

The Assistive Technology Centre

Access to the Assistive Technology Centre [ATC] is on referral from Disability Support or Neurodiversity Support.


The ATC is located on Level 2 of Northampton Square Library [get directions to the ATC on CityNav].

Furniture and equipment

  • 6 Windows computers
  • Desktop magnifier
  • Printer
  • Height adjustable desks (one extending to standing height)
  • Ergonomic seating

The drop-in area contains 3 computers and 1 clear study space. In addition there are 3 individual bookable rooms.

Book an individual room

You can book an individual room for a maximum of 4 hours per day, per user (maximum of 12 hours per week).

If you require assistance booking a room please contact Northampton Square Library:

  • at the service desk
  • email us
  • or telephone 020 7040 4061.