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Library Services for Additional Needs

Disability and neurodiversity support

Alternative formats

Alternative format materials can be obtained and prepared for print impaired library users.
This service is available to current students referred via Disability Services and Neurodiversity Support.


Where an eBook of the text is not available or is not accessible, we will obtain an accessible digital file for your use. We are able to provide readable PDF and Word document formats at present. TextHelp Read&Write andd ZoomText software can be accessed on City computers, where you can listen back or create your own audio files.

Step 1 : Check our e-book collections

Many of our books are available in e-book format. Check our collections to make sure the materials are accessible to you.

  • Search for e-books using City Library Search limiting your search to books/eBooks or they will be available through your online reading list and marked with an ‘online resource’ link.
  • See our e-book guide for more information about e-book platforms, formats and how much content can be downloaded.
  • Contact us if you need help with finding and accessing e-books

If the required text is only available in print or if the commercial e-book is not suitable see step 2 below for more options for obtaining alternative format files.

Step 2: Request another alternative format

If accessible materials are not commercially available, we will make an application to the publisher or via RNIB Bookshare for alternative format files. Where electronic files or alternative formats are not available we may be able to make an in-house accessible copy of essential reading items where this is reasonable. Please note that complex material and longer books can take longer to reformat.

To make a request

  • The Library will receive your referral for alternative formats from your Disability or Neurodiversity Support tutor
  • We will contact you to discuss further which materials you need and formats available. An appointment in person can be arranged if preferred.
In order to process your request:
  • we must have a print copy of the material in our library collection
  • the item must be on your reading list
  • you must be registered with the Disability Support or Neurodiversity Support and eligible for alternative formats.

Please note requests can take up to 10 weeks, please make your requests in good time before your module starts.

If you would prefer to discuss your needs prior to making a request, please email or telephone 020 7040 3104

Alternative formats are for personal study only, for the duration of your course and must not be shared. A full list of usage terms will be sent to you with each alternative format.