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What are the benefits of using e-books?

  • E-books can be accessed on and off campus.
  • They are available 24/7.
  • No library charges
  • Many of our e-books allow you to search within the text, highlight and make annotations.

How do I access e-books?

  • Search for our e-books on CityLibrary Search and follow the links.
  • Log in using your City email address and City password.

Who can access e-books?

  • E-books can be accessed by current City, University of London students and staff.
  • Alumni and SCONUL members are not entitled to access our e-books.

What software do I need to read e-books?

  • E-books are compatible with all operating systems and popular web browsers.
  • It is recommended you install the most recent operating system and web browser on your device.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to print/copy/download e-books.  This software should be installed on all City network PCs.
  • You can download Adobe Reader for free to your own device from the Adobe website.

Can I copy/print/download e-books?

The number of pages you can copy, print or download will vary depending on the platform you are using. 

Copyright restrictions

Publisher restrictions

  • E-books are subject to DRM (Digital Rights Management) controls.
  • Publishers use DRM to control and manage the usage of their e-books. DRM is used to limit concurrent users (the number of people using it at the same time) and to limit the number of pages a user can copy, print or download.
  • Our e-books are purchased from a variety of sources, the DRM varies between each provider.
  • Restrictions are imposed by the e-book provider and not the library.

The publisher/platform specific pages in this guide provide further information on copy, print and download allowances.

Are you having problems accessing an e-book?

  • Is your Library Account valid?  What is the date on your City card?
  • Have you entered your City email address and City password correctly?
  • Do you have Adobe Reader installed?  You can download the software for free from the Adobe website.
  • Have you tried clearing your cache? These instructions are provided by wikihow via the Creative Commons license. Once cleared, close your browser and log back in.
  • Do you have the latest operating system/web browser installed?
  • If the problem persists try using a different browser and report the problem to us.
  • Try again later.  It may be a DRM restricted title with limited concurrent usage

If you are still experiencing problems please contact us.