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Cambridge University Press Higher Education E-textbooks.

How do I login?

Login using your City email address and City password.

If you want to use the personalisation features such as annotating, highlighting and bookmarking you will need to create a Cambridge Higher Education account.  An account is not compulsory but without one you will be limited to just read online functionality.

Please note, if you have previously set up a Cambridge Core account, you can login to Cambridge HE using these details.

Are there any limits to the number of concurrent users? 

There are no limits to the number of concurrent users.

How many pages can I copy/print?

You can print up to 15% of a book.  You must be logged in to your Cambridge HE account.

Can I download Cambridge Higher Education e-textbooks? 

Yes you can download Cambridge Higher Education e-textbooks.

The eReader app Cambridge Spiral will allow you to download and read these textbooks anywhere you like.  Login to Cambridge Higher Education and the app can be found under the Students tab,. Look for Cambridge Spiral in the side navigation menu.

Section of Cambridge Higher Education site showing the menu link to the Cambridge Spiral eReader app

To download a book select the 'Add to offline bookshelf'.  The book will then be available in the Cambridge Spiral app for you to download and read.

A maximum of 20 titles can be downloaded and they are available for 60 days. After 60 days the books will disappear from the Cambridge Spiral app, you can login and re-add them to your offline bookshelf.