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How do I login?

Login using your City email address and City password.

When accessing OverDrive from a laptop or computer books can be read using your browser online

You will need to download the LibbyApp when accessing OverDrive from a mobile device. Once downloaded, search for CityLibrary and login using your City username and password.

How do I borrow, renew and return a book on OverDrive?

On OverDrive you can;

  • Borrow up to 5 books.
  • Place holds on a maximum of 5 books.
  • Borrow a book for 14 days.

How do I borrow?

Simply search OverDrive and click on the Borrow icon


How do I renew?

Log in to OverDrive and select Renew from the 'My account' dropdown;

OverDrive My Account dropdown showing Loans and Holds


The option to renew a book will appear on your Loans page three days before the loan is due to expire and if the book is not on hold. If the book is on hold you will be unable to renew the book and it will automatically check in on its due date. If you would like to continue reading the book you will need to request it again

How do I return?

OverDrive books automatically return on their due date. However, if you finish using a book before the due date please return it so that the book is made available for other users to borrow.

Are there any limits to the number of concurrent users?

The number of concurrent users varies on a title-by-title basis and can range from one to unlimited users.

The number of concurrent users should be clearly displayed on the title page of the book, for example;

Section of OverDrive showing 1 of 1 copy available and the option to borrow or read a sample

You can place a hold on a book checked out to another user by selecting PLACE A HOLD.

Section of OverDrive showing option to place a hold or read a sample

You will receive a notification when the book is ready for you to use.

Can I download OverDrive books?

You can download OverDrive books to your device. The book will automatically disappear from your device once your borrowing period is up.

Further information and OverDrive guides

Visit OverDrive Help and Libby Help for additional information and guidance on using OverDrive.

If you are experiencing problems please contact us for assistance.