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Key resources 

Welcome to your subject guide, that highlights resources at City, University of London Library relevant to Criminology.  

If you are researching a topic for your assignment, your project, your dissertation, or your thesis, use the resources listed on this page, or browse the list of databases.

Victims Crime and Society An Introduction Pamela Davies, Peter Francis and Chris Greer.
Crime and Media a Reader Edited by Chris Greer.
Sex Crime and the Media Sex offending and the press in a divided society. Chris Greer.
Understanding Deviance. David Downes, Paul Rock and Eugene McLaughlin.
Criminological Perspectives Essential Readings. Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie.
The SAGE Handbook of Criminological Theory edited by Eugene McLaughlin and Tim New-born
The SAGE Dictionary of Criminology. Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie.
bullying among University Students. Edited by Helen Cowie and Carrie Myers.
Just Authority? Trust in the Police in England and Wales. Jonathan Jackson, Ben Bradford, Betsy Stanko and Katrin Hohl.
Understanding Street Culture. Poverty, Crime, Youth and Cool. Jonathan Ilan.
Surveillance Schools. Security, Discipline, and control in contemporary education. Emmeline Taylor. Crime Prevention and Security Management series. Editor Martin Gill.
Surveillance Futures. Social and ethical implications of new technologies for children and young people. Edited by Emmeline Taylor and Tonya Rooney.