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Library Employability Guide

Information literacy skills

Enhancing your information literacy skills will assist you with your coursework but also your employability.  As mentioned, LinkedIn Learning is useful for developing your digital and employability skills including presentation skills and IT skills. 

See our Library Essentials guide for more guidance and our Workshops and Training information.

Research skills

You can use your research skills in an academic context but also to research the type of career you would like, potential employers and different sectors prior to attending interviews.

Presentation skills

Many employers require staff to have excellent presentation skills and to be able to present confidently at conferences and meetings. One way of researching conference presentations given by other people is to look at conference archives such as the Librarians' Information conference archives.

IT skills

Strong general IT skills are a high priority for lots of employers and will also help you complete coursework and prepare for lectures and exams more efficiently, too. Here's some links to help for common IT packages. 

Interview skills

The Careers and Student Development team at City run a series of Employability events which include interview skills.

Some interview skills resources from University of Kent.