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Market research

Guidance on finding market research data. Please use the menu on the left to explore the guide. Contact your librarian if you need help or advice.

Guidance from Cite Them Right Online

Cite Them Right Online provides a few different types of guidance that can be relevant for Referencing Market Research and Data. The most straightforward is the guidance for referencing Market research reports from online databases. Navigate to Harvard > Research > Reports > Market research reports from online databases to find the guidance.


Market Research Reports referenced in Harvard will resemble the following:


In-text citation: (MarketLine, 2019)


Reference List:

MarketLine (2019) 'United Kingdom - Gyms, Health & Fitness Clubs'. Available at: (Accessed: 14 August 2019).


Using RefWorks to cite and reference company information

RefWorks is an online reference management, writing and collaboration tool designed to help researchers at all levels gather, organise, store and share all types of information and to generate citations and bibliographies.

Market research references can be added to your RefWorks library so you can quickly and easily add it to your work, but RefWorks does not have as many standard formats for doing this as Cite Them Right Online. 

  • Add a reference to market research using the + button in the web version of RefWorks.  
  • Select the 'Report' option for the type of source you wish to reference. This will give you a set of boxes with various details to fill in such as 'Title', 'Date of Publication'.
  • Using the guidance above from Cite Them Right Online, fill out the boxes with the information you have available. 
  • The author of the data will be the publisher of the database that you got it from because market research databases publish their own information. So, for example, if you used Mintel, the author will be Mintel.

You can then click on the " symbol in RefWorks to check what your reference will look like when it appears in a bibliography. Make sure you have selected 'Cite Them Right - Harvard'.