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Welcome to your subject guide which brings together the resources you will need while studying at City

Key resources

If you are researching a topic for your assignment, your project, your dissertation or your thesis, use the resources listed on this page, or browse the list of specialist resources.

Memory in autism by Jill Boucher and Dermot M Bowler.
Hans Eysenck: a contradictory psychology by Philip J Corr.
Personality and control by Philip J Corr, MaƂgorzata Fajkowska, Michael W Eysenck, and Agata Wytykowska.
The Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology by Philip J Corr and Gerald Matthews
The Mindful and Effective Employee : An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training Manual for Improving Well-Being and Performance by Paul E. Flaxman, Steven C. Hayes, Frank W. Bond, and Fredrik Livheim.
What Is Adaptive about Adaptive Memory? by Bennett L. Schwartz, Mark L. Howe, Michael P. Toglia, and Henry Otgaar.
The Nature of Early Memory: An Adaptive Theory of the Genesis and Development of Memory by Mark L. Howe.
Introducing Qualitative Research in Psychology by Carla Willig.
Qualitative interpretation and analysis in psychology by Carla Willig
The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology by Carla Willig and Wendy Stainton-Rogers.
Work and occupational psychology : integrating theory and practice by Rachel Lewis and Lara Zibarras.
The Career Coaching Handbook by Julia Yates.

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