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For students and staff of Radiography

Other Health Resources

The following resources are available from our collection and useful for additional information to help you with your dissertation or OSCE.

Anatomy Resources

If you are looking for information on anatomy and physiology, we have a variety of resources in different formats. Visit our Anatomy and Physiology Guide.


Radiography undergraduates will be assigned their own individual username and password at the start of the academic year to access WileyPlus Interactive. You will need to login to the WileyPlus website.

If you forget your personal WileyPlus username and password or if you have queries about WileyPlus contact the WileyPlus Support Team.

Clinical Skills

Bates' Visual Guide

Bates' Visual Guide contains clinical skills videos that present step-by-step physical examination techniques. It is designed to help you prepare for Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).

Elsevier Clinical Skills

Elsevier Clinical Skills (ECS) provides step-by-step video demonstrations on clinical skills for UK nurses and allied health professionals including information on equipment, checklists and self-tests. This is useful for OSCE preparation.

To access this resource, you need an ECS account. if you have any questions about your account email the E-Access Team.

Introduction video to Elsevier Clinical Skills

Grey Literature databases

As well as finding studies from academic journals, databases available from both EBSCOhost and Ovid Online, can also provide access to grey literature such as conference proceedings.

When performing a search in these databases it is worth limiting/refining your results to highlight any grey literature you may have found.

In EBSCOhost select the Publication Type limit.

In Ovid Online select either  Publication Type or Source Type under the Additional Limits button.

See the Doing postgraduate research guide - grey literature for more guidance.

Health Statistics

The resources on these pages can be used to find statistics in health: