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For students and staff of Radiography

Useful Library Guides

The following library guides contain information on specific subjects, that can be useful to support your needs.


  • This Copyright guide covers what aspects of copyright you need to be aware of when doing research.

Guide for Research

  • City Research Online (CRO) enables our academic staff and researchers to record bibliographic details of their research and make the research outputs openly available. It consists of City's open access Institutional Repository and the research publications database. 
  • Doing postgraduate research guide is intended for Masters and PhD students, researchers and academics, from the School of Health Sciences, who are performing a dissertation or producing a research paper. The guide takes you through each step of the process in retrieving information for your research. Check the Citation and Reference Tracking page for guidance in finding additional resources.

Literature Searching

  • This Literature Search guide is aimed at students from the School of Health Sciences working on a literature review for a final project or dissertation. This guide covers: developing a search strategy, performing a literature search, analysing search results and documenting search results.

Systematic Review

  • Many postgraduate students carry out a systematic review for their dissertation or final project. The Doing postgraduate research guide covers the steps involved in performing a systematic review.