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Journals, articles, and academic research


Academic databases are searchable collections of academic literature. They are often subject specific, but can be multi-disciplinary.

They provide access to a wide range of scholarly content including journal articles, books or book chapters, conference proceedings, technical reports and much more. They may also contain specific materials such as maps, film, newspapers, standards, and more.

The databases on this page primarily contain academic literature, like journal articles. See our financial and company information guide for databases like Bloomberg or Eikon which contain primary information.

Search these databases for articles on your topic. When you get your results, use the filter marked 'Academic', 'Scholarly', or 'Peer-reviewed' to find academic journal articles only.

These online resources contain business articles and much more, covering a wide range of subjects studied at universities.

These databases will help you find articles in common areas of interdisciplinary research. You can also visit the library guides for other subjects to find more online resources.