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Archives and Special Collections

Northampton Square Bandstand, half of the photo is in the early 20th century, a photo effect fades the other half of the bandstand in present day colour.About

The City, University of London Archive contains a wide range of material detailing the history of the institution, from annual reports and general administrative records, to press cuttings, photographs and even audio tapes of special lectures.

An outline of our holdings can be viewed below. 


  • Foundation documents and University charter 1966
  • Governing Body records, including:
    • Minutes (1892)
    • Annual reports (1897-2000)
    • Various management schemes (1912-1960s)
  • General administrative records, including:
    • Prospectuses (1930s-1960s)
    • Records of prizes, scholarships, and ceremonial occasions, and in-house publications
  • Financial records (1893-1999)
  • Estates and buildings records and plans (1892-2000)
  • Academic administrative records, including:
    • Departmental syllabuses (1927-1996)
    • Research and publications reports (1952-1992)
    • Publications (1970-1997)
    • Promotional literature (1960s-1990s)
  • Lists of students (1899-1960s)
  • Staff records (1895-1926)
  • Library records (1940s-1990s)
  • Student Union records and records of other student societies (1906-1999) including:
    • Student magazines (1912-1999)
  • Records of staff associations (1950s-1990s)
  • Press cuttings (1909-1999)
  • Photographs (1892-1999)
  • Audio tape recordings of special lectures (1960s-1980s)