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Explaining aspects of copyright to be aware of when studying, lecturing or undertaking research. Please note that information on these pages is for guidance only: it does not constitute formal legal advice.


Dozens of Iranian newspapers laid out in rows on the ground for sale
City has a licence with the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA). This permits staff at City to distribute copies of newspaper articles
  • to students for their educational and instructional purposes and
  • to members of staff to use "internally" (within City).
The NLA licence covers all national newspapers for photocopying and (except for the Financial Times) scanning. There is a summary below of what copying is permitted.

Photocopying and scanning


It is permissible to photocopy from the hard copy versions of all those national and international newspapers on the NLA list. (PDF, 110 KB).


It is permissible to scan articles from hard copy versions of most national and international newspapers on the NLA list  above and make them available to students via Moodle. The only exception is the Financial Times, which does not allow digital copying of complete articles; this includes copying of articles downloaded from City's digital subscription. However, copying up to 30 words of an article, or producing a summary in your own words of not more than 30 words are both permitted, to put on Moodle. In both cases there must be a link to the article included.

Digital copying from databases

Our NLA Licence does not authorise distribution of material which has been obtained from database providers, for example:

Credit for image on this page

'Newspapers (Tehran)' by birdfarm (CC BY-NC 2.0) Accessed from Flickr 09/07/2015