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Reading Lists Online

How to edit and updates lists on Reading Lists Online, and how to request digitised extracts.

Reading Lists Online and Moodle

When the revised reading list has been published and label has been updated to the current academic year, your students will be able to access the reading list via Moodle.  They have to select the Reading Lists button in the Quick Links box at the top of the Moodle module to view the list. 

Embedding sections of the reading list in your Moodle module

The integration of Moodle with Reading Lists Online means that you can provide students with a link to their reading list from the Module dashboard at the top of each module on Moodle, but you can also provide links to relevant sections of the reading list under each week / topic on the Moodle page, so that students can easily access the relevant resources at the right time. 

Follow the  step by step instructions to embed section of your reading list under each topic in Moodle.