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Reading Lists Online

How to edit and updates lists on Reading Lists Online, and how to request digitised extracts.

Bookmarking resources (books and e-books) in the library collection

  1. Open the reading list you want to edit or update.
  2. Open another tab on your browser and go to CityLibrary Search.
  3. Search for the title of a book, i.e. Sage Handbook of qualitative data analysis.
  4. Click on the Add to My Bookmarks button you installed in your Favourites toolbar.
  5. The bookmark to reading list link will display next to each format of the book. Click on the link.
  6. You will open another page, including all the details of the book and the URL if you have bookmarked the e-book. Look at the options at the bottom of the screen and select Create.

Adding bookmarks to your reading list

Now that you have bookmarked the book / e-book you want to add to your reading list,

  1. Find the reading list you need to update in Reading Lists Online
  2. Open the list, and scroll down to the section and place you want to add the new reference.
  3. Select Add a resource. You will open the list of items you have recently bookmarked. 
  4. Click on the reference, and it will be automatically added to your reading list. 
  5. If you have to add other references that you had bookmarked earlier, use the search by title, author or ISBN to find the bookmark and add it to the reading list. 

A section of the Reading Lists online screen showing the list of recently bookmarked resources, before the list is a field to search by title, author or ISBN.