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Journals, articles and research for Business

How to find articles and academic research. Please use the guide navigation menu to explore the guide. Contact your librarian if you need help or advice.

Business Library Online Resources: Finding Articles and Academic Research (video)

Support for dissertations and projects - books

You can find useful books for business research in the carousel below.

Academic resources for Business 

Search these databases for articles on your topic. When you get your results, use the filter marked 'Academic', 'Scholarly', or 'Peer-reviewed' to find academic journal articles only.

Journals, articles and research for Business

This guide will help you find the following types of material: 

  • Journals: an academic or scholarly journal where researchers publish peer-reviewed articles. They can be general or cover niche subjects. New issues come out several times a year.
  • Journal Articles: peer-reviewed articles appear in academic journals, and cover recent research from academics around the world. Your lecturers want you to use this type of article in literature reviews and other academic writing.
  • Working Papers: working versions of journal articles, before peer-review, are released on websites like SSRN so that other academics can comment on them before they are published.
  • Trade publications: specialist magazines aimed at working professionals rather than academics. Articles are often written by journalists and practitioners, and cover news and practical information, with industry-specific advertising.
  • Grey Literature: many institutions release research and other documents that are not published in academic journals, but that are reliable and/or useful resources. For instance, a report published by a government department, a charity or the NHS would be grey literature. 

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods
online provides information on research methods in social sciences. It includes research methods e-books and is designed to address questions that arise during the various steps of the research process.