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Online resources


CityLibrary Search is a Google style search tool which allows you to search library resources at article level.

  • You can find the CityLibrary Search box on the CityLibrary homepage.
  • Type your keywords into the searchfield, for the following examples we have used sherlock holmes medicine.

  • Often you will get a large number of results. You can limit the results using the Refine your Search options on the left hand side of the screen.
  • I have limited my results to include journal articles only by selecting the Journal Article link from the filters section.
  • Once I have found something I want to read, Travel medicine and Sherlock Holmes, I select the 'Full Text Online' link beneath the article title and reference, to be taken to the article.

  • Once I have selected 'Full Text Online' I am taken to a page with some options available to access the article.
  • To be taken straight to where you can access the article, select the Article button.
  • The Journal button will take you to the home page of the journal in which the article is published, so you can browse the journal. Note that alongside the journal option includes date coverage. For Journal of travel medicine this is from 1997 - present.
  • I want to be taken straight to the article, so I select the Article link.

Full Text link takes us to a page with the article citation followed by article and journal access options and date coverage.

  • At this stage I am asked to login using my City username and password.
  • Once I have done this, I am taken to the article link on the journal site.
  • This page will vary from publisher to publisher.
  • Some will take you straight to the full text of the article and some will require you to follow another link within their site to get there. In this instance, I have to click on another link to get to the article

Journal of Travel Medicine article page. Select either 'get PDF' link to access the article.

Online resource access problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing:

  • a journal
  • a database
  • an e-book

please complete the login-problem report form.