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Online resources

Accessing online journals

There are several ways you can search for online journals:

  • You can find them by subject area using the subject guide pages, or you can browse an a-z list of all the online journals we subscribe to by title, ISSN or topic
  • Alternatively, you can search CityLibrary Search for journal titles or key words

Using CityLibrary Search







  • In the CityLibrary search box I have typed Book History.
  • I have pressed enter or selected the Search button.
  • I have been given a list of results which includes journal titles, article titles, book titles and more (see screenshot below).
  • You can use the links on the left side of the screenshot page to filter your results.
  • I have filtered them so I am only shown journal titles.
  • Once you have found the entry you want, you can select the 'Check Availability' link to see if we have the journal in print in the library.
  • To see what access we have available for the online journal, select the 'Full Text Online' link.


Accessing the full text journal

  • Once you have selected the 'Full Text Online' link, you will be taken to the page described in the following steps and the screenshot below.
  • You will find a "Browse Journal" link to the preferred source, - select this link to find your article reference (year, volume and issue).
  • Sometimes you will be given several different links to the journal and these can be found under the "Show more results" tab. This is because we are given access to some journals through several different providers. This is also useful if the preferred choice is not working.
  • To choose the best link for you, look at the range of dates the provider gives access to. (In the example below, note that JSTOR gives access from 1998 to 2010, whereas Project MUSE gives access from 1998 to the present day.)
  • Once you have selected your link, you will be asked to log in using your City log in details and taken to the journal.
  • Different providers will have different interfaces but most of them are intuitive and simple to use.






Online resource access problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing:

  • a journal
  • a database
  • an e-book

please complete the login-problem report form.