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Online resources

Check CityLibrary Search

  • If you try to log in to a resource you have found using a search engine, your log in details may not always be recognised even if the library subscribes to the resource 
  • It is always worth checking CityLibrary Search for resources you wish to access, as they provide quick links to all our online journals and databases which take you directly to the correct place to log in 

Check the date on your ID card

  • If your library account has expired, you will encounter an error message when you try to access online resources
  • If you are no longer a student, unfortunately you will not be entitled to access online resources
  • Business School Alumni should contact the Alumni Office.
  • If your course has been extended, it is possible that the library system has not been updated to reflect this 
  • In order to get the library system update, please contact your course administrator and ask them to contact the library, letting them know your new expiry date 
  • If you do not know who your course administrator is, you can contact the student centre to find out on 020 7040 7040

Check which dates we subscribe to

  • When you are trying to access an electronic article CityLibrary Search should show you which years of the journal the library subscribes to. 
  • Sometimes there are several links with different date ranges.
  • In this case you must choose the date which includes the article you wish to view.
  • For example, if I am looking for an article which I know is in a 1995 edition of 'Brain and Cognition', I will choose the ScienceDirect link which gives me access from 1995 onwards 
  • The IngentaConnect link will only provide me with access between the dates of 1996-1999

Webpage from CityLibrary Search shows article citation and links to content availability with coverage dates.

Check your log in details

  • If you are not able to log in to view a resource that you think you should have access to, check that you are using the correct login details, especially if you are not able to log in to other things which require authentication such as Moodle.
  • For queries regarding your City login details, please visit the IT Self-Service portal or telephone them on 020 7040 8181.
  • For more information, check the IT Support website.
  • If your City login details are correct and you are still having problems logging in, you can contact the e-access team who will investigate.

Adding a trusted site

  • Sometimes when you go to a Library resource you will see a security certificate error, such as this one from Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer browser shows error message on page - there is a problem with this website's security certificate. Link options are Click here to close this webpage or Continue to this website.
  • It is fine to click through these warnings, or alternatively, you can let your browser know that you don't want to see this warning for particular websites.

Internet explorer

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab

Then select Trusted Sites > Sites button

In the Trusted Sites dialog box: type in the URL of the site you want to add > Add > Close.

Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome hamburger menu (which looks like 3 horizontal lines in the corner of the screen): 

Select the Settings link, then scroll down to the link Show Advanced Settings...

Select: Proxy settings > Security tab > Trusted Sites > Sites

Enter the URL of the site you want to add > Add > Close


Firefox has different areas where exceptions need to be added depending on what kind of exceptions you wish to make.

Settings > Content

To allow a site to use pop up windows, click on Exceptions and add the URL of the site you wish to allow.

To allow a site to load images, click Exceptions > Allow.

To bypass the warning certificate, click I understand the risks > Add Exception > Confirm Security Exception.

Try a different browser

  • Trying a different browser can sometimes help, as resource providers often support one browser above others
  • You should also make sure that your browser is the most up to date version available

Clear your cookies

Clear your cache

  • Clearing your cache and restarting your browser can help as it ensures that your computer is trying to load the most current version of a web page
  • See instructions for clearing your cache.
  • These instructions are provided by wikihow via the Creative Commons licence

Online resource access problems

If you are experiencing problems accessing:

  • a journal
  • a database
  • an e-book

please complete the login-problem report form.