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ProQuest RefWorks Guide

Find Duplicates

There is a Find duplicates function on the Tools menu. This allows you to search your library for duplicate documents which you may wish to remove. There are 2 choices, an Exact match or a Close match. Removing any duplicates will assist with bibliographies as they will not then contain duplicate references. it is therefore a good idea to de-duplicate from time to time.

The Refworks interface open on All documents, the tools submenu is open to show the link 'Find Duplicates'.

Save References on the Web

RefWorks has a bookmark tool to save references from a webpage. On the RefWorks Tools menu,  click on Save References on the Web and install the bookmark tool on your web browser. 

As an example, go to the BBC news website and then click on a story.

Click on the Save to RefWorks  bookmark on your web browser toolbar. A window will open up on the left of the screen showing the links appearing on the webpage in a list. Tick the box next to any references you wish to import and then click Save to RefWorks. You can then click View in RefWorks and put the reference(s) into a folder.

Cite in Microsoft Word (Write N Cite)

This allows you to cite references and create bibliographies in texts.

You can download it onto Word on your computer from the RefWorks tools menu.

Adding references to your assignments

  • Once installed, open Microsoft Word and click RefWorks or  Proquest in the menu. This will  ask you to sign in and open up RefWorks .Open the document you wish to work on.
  • Select a referencing style from the menu. Put your cursor where you want a citation to appear in your text and click on Insert citation, in the RefWorks window click  next to the reference you want.
  • When you are ready to add a bibliography to the end of the document, click on Bibliography options -  Insert Bibliography to create a bibliography and format your in-text citations according to the output style you want.
  • See Proquest RefWorks guidance for advice about using Cite in Microsoft Word. We recommend Cite them Right Harvard style if you are using Harvard referencing. 
  • Do check very carefully any output produced using this tool for accuracy.

Please note: There are different versions of the plug in so they may work slightly differently depending on which version you are using. Sometimes there is a RefWorks tab in Word from  where you can login to RefWorks. For troubleshooting issues see Refworks guidance or email RefWorks Support