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RefWorks guide

Find duplicates

There is a Find duplicates function on the Tools menu. This allows you to search your library for duplicate references which you may wish to remove. There are 2 choices, an Exact match or a Close match. Removing any duplicates will assist with bibliographies as they will not then contain duplicate references. it is therefore a good idea to de-duplicate from time to time.

The Refworks interface open on All documents, the tools submenu is open to show the link 'Find Duplicates'.

Save references on the web

RefWorks has a bookmark tool to save references from a webpage. On the RefWorks Tools menu,  click on Save References on the Web and install the Save to RefWorks bookmark tool on your web browser. You may need to display the bookmarks toolbar or menu bar on your browser before installing the bookmark. 

As an example, go to the BBC news website and then click on a story.

Click on the Save to RefWorks  bookmark on your web browser toolbar. A panel will open up on the right of the screen showing the links appearing on the webpage in a list. Tick the box next to any references you wish to import and then click Save to RefWorks. You can then click View in RefWorks and put the reference(s) into a folder.

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

You download this add-in on to your computer from the insert menu in Word. Click on Insert and then Get Add- ins and search for RefWorks. It works within Microsoft Word 2016 and above to allow you to insert citations and create bibliographies in Word documents. You can watch a YouTube video on some of the features of RefWorks Citation Manager. 

Please contact IT Services (for example if you have a City 365 subscription) or RefWorks Technical Support if you are unable to install RefWorks Citation Manager.

Install RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM)

  • Within Word go to the Insert tab
  • Find the Add-ins section
  • Click on Get Add-ins (if the Store in not available, select Admin managed and then RefWorks Citation Manager)

Screenshot of Insert menu in Word, Add ins

  • Otherwise enter ‘RefWorks’ into the Search field.
  • Select the RefWorks Citation Manager icon from the list of results
  • Click the 'Add' button.
  • RefWorks Citation Manager Add-in in the Office Store.
  • This will add the RCM to the Word menu, click this and  the right of your screen, log in with your RefWorks login and password to access your account contents.