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ProQuest RefWorks Guide

1. Create an Account

You can create an account at:

Use your City email details to create a login. Choose your own password. You will receive an activation email to your City email account which you need to click on. You will then be asked to complete a registration form to provide a little information about yourself.

Once your account is created, you can access it from or from CityLibrary Search.

2. Export Records from CityLibrary Search into ProQuest RefWorks

Type some keywords into CityLibrary Search and from the search results screen, click on the folder icon to the right of  item(s) which interest you and this will turn red and save it/them to a temporary Saved items folder at the top of the screen.

From here, you will be able to export citations to RefWorks by clicking on the folder (top right of screen), selecting RefWorks from the Export to menu and clicking on ProQuest RefWorks from the landing page which appears. (You may be prompted to login to RefWorks if not already logged in).

Practice: Type some keywords in the CityLibrary search box below and click Search and export some references to ProQuest RefWorks.


Everything Journal Articles Books/eBooks

3. Editing and Managing References

Editing a reference

To edit a reference in ProQuest RefWorks click on the reference and then it should turn blue and you should be able to edit it by clicking on the pencil symbol on the right hand panel of the screen. Click Save when finished.

Practice: Edit some references that you have imported from CityLibrary Search or that you have already in ProQuest RefWorks. Click Cancel if you don't wish to make changes.

Creating and adding references to folders

To create a folder,  click My Folders on the left of the ProQuest RefWorks screen and + Add a folder, give it a name, and click Save. Then select some records to add to the folder and click on the folder icon at the top left of the screen click apply.


Practice: Try adding some folders relevant to your research or dissertation and move some references into them.

4. Creating Bibliographies

You can create a bibliography in ProQuest RefWorks from a list of  your references, without creating a document. This reference list may contain your entire database or selected references.


Create a bibliography by clicking on the  " symbol on the top menu of ProQuest RefWorks and then click Create bibliography to generate a reference list in your chosen style, using all the references in a particular folder. You can use this to preview your finished list of references, or simply generate a list to copy and paste into your document. If you use Harvard, we recommend the Cite Them Right - Harvard style.

Practice: Create a bibliography of some of your references in the Cite Them Right - Harvard style

5. Exporting References from a Database into ProQuest RefWorks

All databases are different but usually after doing a search and retrieving results there is usually an option to Save/Mail or Export them  into ProQuest RefWorks. If this is unclear, please see the Help screen or information on your database.

You can access databases from our list of Databases A-Z usually you will login with your City IT username and password.

Exporting references

Example from Academic Search Complete using the search terms information literacy skills. After doing a search and obtaining results as below, to export references, click on the blue folder icon to the right of some results and then the icon(s) will turn yellow.

When you have finished searching, click on the yellow folder icon at the top right of the screen and select the references you wish to export by selecting all or ticking individual boxes to the left of the references and click Export.



Then click Direct Export to RefWorks and then Save. Then click on ProQuest RefWorks.

Practice: Perform some searches on Academic Search Complete  and export some references into ProQuest RefWorks.

6. Export References from Google Scholar into ProQuest RefWorks

You can import references from Google Scholar into ProQuest RefWorks.  Firstly click on the drop down menu  (top left of Google Scholar),  then click Settings. On the Settings page, under Bibliography manager, choose Refworks and click Save.



You will now be able to import individual references into ProQuest RefWorks.Click on the Import into RefWorks link under a reference of interest to you and then choose ProQuest RefWorks from the landing page.

Practice: Go into Google Scholar and change the settings to import into RefWorks.

Search Google Scholar with some keywords and import a record of interest to you into ProQuest RefWorks.


7. Adding a Document from your Computer or Manually

Upload document

Click + at the top left of the ProQuest RefWorks screen  and Upload document. This will allow you to select documents or PDFs and upload or drag and drop them into RefWorks.  RefWorks will then harvest details from the document to create a reference (you may need to check and edit this depending on the data quality) and because you have uploaded a PDF or document itself you will be able to read and edit it in RefWorks.

Alternatively you can drag and drop documents from your computer using File Explorer or My Computer into ProQuest RefWorks. In this case, you don't need to click on the + symbol, just drag and drop the files. If you select a few files, it might take a little while to process.

Import references

If you wish to import references from another of your reference management accounts, click on the Import references from RefWorks RefWorks Legacy - a previous version of RefWorks) or Mendeley (another reference management software) or a RIS file click on Import references. 

Create new reference

Click Create new reference to add a reference manually. You can choose a template eg. journal article  and either copy and paste details into the different fields or type it in yourself.

Practice: Try adding a PDF document from your computer using Upload document.

8. Exporting References from PubMed (using Save to RefWorks)

Firstly you need to install the Save to RefWorks bookmarklet tool on your browser. Go into PubMed and conduct a search. 


When your search results appear, click on the Save to RefWorks bookmark and a RefWorks box will appear on the right of the screen, this lists the results on the page you are viewing, select the results you want and click Save to RefWorks at the bottom of the screen.