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Reading Lists Online

How to edit and updates lists on Reading Lists Online, and how to request digitised extracts.

Step 3.1.1 - if the DOI is known

If the DOI is included in the metadata of the item on the reading list, a window with the DOI will appear when you click 'Request digitisation' in the Reading List.

Click 'Next step'.


Step 3.1.2 - if the DOI is not known

If the DOI is not known, a window with the article details in will appear when you click 'Request digitisation' in the Reading List.

Enter any missing information.

Click 'Next step'.

Step 3.3 - Course details

If the start and end dates are not present, fill them in: start date as 1st September of the current academic year and end date as 31st August of the current academic year.

Fill in the date the reading is needed by in the next box.

Fill in the course details, if not already present. Enter an approximation of student numbers if you don't know for certain.


Step 3.4 - About you

Your details will appear. Please make sure that these are correct.

Click 'Submit request'.

You will receive an email informing you of the outcome of the request (see the 'Request outcomes' section of this guide).