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Food Policy

Research hubs/platforms

Research hubs/platforms allow you to search for various types of resources, all from one place. They are a good source of grey literature such as reports, preprints and blogs.

Name Coverage
Agriculture, Food and Nutrition  A gateway from the F1000research organisation.
Food and Nutrition Information Center The FNIC is one of several information centres at the National Agricultural Library, part of the United States Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service.
Food Dive Food Dive provides news and analysis relating to the Food Industry.
Food Insight Food Insight is the information hub created and curated by nutrition and food safety experts at the International Food Information Council (IFIC).
Food Science Research Network Part of Elsevier's Social Science Research Network, this network provides access to preprints covering the food sciences. Preprints are papers which haven't yet been peer reviewed.
Food packaging and shelf life Another network from SSRN providing access to preprints.
Food Security Portal To promote food security and resilience in times of crisis, this open-access policy information portal provides comprehensive and detailed information by country on food policy developments.
Food Structure Another network from SSRN providing access to preprints.
Food Sustainability Index Examines how food systems are performing across three pillars: food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture, and nutritional challenges.
Foodlaw-Reading Provides easy access to sources of information on current food laws and its development.
IFPR: Library and Knowledge Management The IFPR's library. Whilst not all resources are free to non members those that are include: a repository of publications and online guides covering topics such as food systems and hunger.
IFPRI Covid-19 Tools & Resources The International Food Policy Research Institute has developed tools, resources, and analyses to support policymaking in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Resources include blog posts, databases, events, and publications on the impacts and response to COVID-19.
IFPRI Publications & Tools Searchable hub of the International Food Policy Research Institute's resources including journal articles, reports, discussion papers, datasets etc.
Nutrition Connect: Resource Centre Reports and discussion papers; case studies; blogs, news and opinions.
Table Table provides access to various resources including a resource library, blog posts and podcasts.
Value Chains The Value Chains knowledge portal is a repository of tools and methods, publications, training content, and information about events related to value chain research.