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Food Policy

Finding Books and E-Books

Search CityLibrary Search by title, keyword or author to locate books and e-books. 

CityLibrary Search result for Social Research Methods shows available copies at shelfmark 300.72 BRY.

To access e-books on and off campus click the 'Full text online' link and enter your City username and password.

An ebook titled Research Methods has a link to Full Text Online displayed in the CityLibrary search results page.

Shelfmarks for Food Policy

The books relating to Food Policy can be found in the Northampton Square Library. The enclosed table gives you some useful shelfmarks if you want to browse the library shelves for specific subject areas.

At the Northampton Square Library, books with shelfmarks 0-299 can be found on level 4; books with shelfmarks 300 and above are shelved on level 5.



Agriculture 338.1
EU economics 337.142
EU Law 341.2422
Food 641
Food economy 338.19
Food habits 363.8
Food industry 363.8
Food policy 338.1941 & 363.856
Food safety 363.192
Food security 338.19
Food technology 664
Genetically modified foods 363.192
Nutrition (diet) 613.2
Nutrition (policy) 363.8
Organic farming 338.184
Pesticides 363.7384

Sage Research Methods

Sage Research Methods Online includes a large number of Sage books, dictionaries and encyclopedias on the subject of research methods. You can use Sage Research Methods Online to find information about writing a research question, conducting a literature review, and analysing the data. It also covers the range of research methods used in the social sciences.