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Financial and company information

Citing and referencing financial information

Financial resources, unlike academic materials, do not always have straightforward rules to cite and reference. You must acknowledge your sources to avoid plagiarism.

Cite Them Right Online has guidelines for citing and referencing common types of financial materials. 

Before you begin, consider where your information came from and choose the relevant guidelines.

Financial databases with no URLs

Some of our specialist financial databases, such as Bloomberg, Eikon and Morningstar, do not have URLs to direct your readers to. Follow the instructions in Cite Them Right to cite and reference these databases:

How does it look? You would cite these references in your text using the database name and the year of publication or last update, for instance (Bloomberg, 2017). If you have several references to the same database in the same year, follow the instructions in Cite Them Right Online under Citing sources published in the same year by the same author.

Top Tip: The most important thing about constructing your reference list is that it remains consistent, so if you are in doubt about how to reference something and must make a guess, look carefully at other types of references in the same style and construct it to match as well as you can.