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Financial and company information

About company information

Companies are required to release a certain amount of information on a regular basis. How much information they disclose depends on a number of factors, including where they're incorporated, and whether or not they're publicly listed on a stock exchange.

Publicly listed companies must release more information than private companies, which can make it a challenge to find certain types of financial data for private companies.

Company information refers to factual information about companies including:

  • Company accounts
  • Financial statements
  • Registered addresses
  • The legal form of a company
  • Directors' details
  • SIC codes
  • Share prices

Using company information

You can use this data for coursework, projects and when looking for a job.  

Information taken from City Library databases must not be used for commercial purposes, including for university placements. 

Special login details are required for some databases.  Business Students can access these on Business Library Moodle 2023-2024. All other students, please email for details.

Some financial resources are only available on specific bookable PCs in the library.

Market research about companies

For information about how companies carry out research, visit our market research guide.

While Business Source Ultimate is primarily used for academic research, you can find market research reports in Business Source Ultimate, too. Search by the company's name, then use the Source Types filter to narrow your results down to Market Research Reports.

ProQuest One Business is used mostly for academic research. To find market research reports in ProQuest One Business, use the Advanced Search Screen:

  • Put your company name in the Company/Organization field - use the Look up Companies/Organizations tool to make this easier.
  • Under Document Type, pick Company Profile then click Search. You can also use the Market Research document type to find broader reports that also mention your company.