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Financial and company information

Markets and trading

At a basic level market and trading data is easy to find. A simple search on an internet search engine for a company will retrieve the current trading price. However, if you need to look at a particular figure in-depth to compare against others, you will need to use a more advanced database.

While much of the content is common among the databases, in-depth data with analysis capabilities are unique to each database.

Basic financial and market data can be found through these web-based databases:

For more complex queries, the databases below can help you find, chart and interpret specialised data.

Markets are Bloomberg's main focus. Thousands of its functions have been created to help analyse various different aspects of markets. If you are unsure of whether Bloomberg has a function for your topic, type the name of the concept into the blue search bar at the top of your Bloomberg window. Don't press Enter and see which search suggestions appear. 

Refinitiv Eikon has extensive analysis and data for researching markets data around the world. Built into Eikon is the database Datastream, which is best when accessed over the Datastream Excel Add-in. The Datastream Excel add-in allows you to acquire data on Equities, indices, commodities and more directly through Excel. If you have an existing list of securities, you can use the Excel Add-in for Eikon or Datastream to retrieve line items about your securities without having to create a search again.

Morningstar specialises in investments and funds portfolio data, but it also has Equities data. It can be accessed through the Morningstar software itself or through the Morningstar Excel Add-in.