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Financial and company information

Financial resources on site

Some specialist resources are only available on fixed PCs ('terminals') at the Business School and the Northampton Square Library. These must be booked in advance.

Book a terminal

Use this link to reserve a time slot on one of our financial resources PCs.

Why use financial resources on site?

Most of our databases online contain the basic financial data most students need. Financial databases on-site contain data that is more in-depth, wide-ranging and historical than most of the browser-based financial databases.

Many of these databases are commonly used in the workplace, and having an understanding of how to use them, or better yet, certification, is an advantage when applying for jobs.

Training and support

Support for Financial Databases on-site can often be found on the desktop or user guides can be found in Business Library Moodle 2023-2024. Bloomberg and Eikon run certification training. Please see the sections below for more information.

Training on these databases is held periodically during the term and can be booked on the Library Training and Workshops calendar. Training sessions focus on specific areas for particular student groups, as laid out in the description. Training on the Library Training and Workshops calendar is open to all City students.

Booking a terminal

You must book financial resource PCs in advance. They can be booked for up to two hours per day, up to two weeks in advance. They can only be booked for the use of financial resources. 

Users arriving more than 15 minutes late to their booking will lose their full booking period.


Available only on campus.

Visit our dedicated Bloomberg guide for full details.


Currently available both on campus and remotely.

Visit our dedicated Eikon guide for full details.


Currently available both on campus and remotely.

Datastream is a popular database for time series: it covers financial and company data as well as macroeconomic indicators and fixed income securities.  We have two ways to access Datastream. The complete version of Datastream is available though the Eikon Excel Add-In, and an abridged version is available through the WRDS platform. 

Morningstar Direct

Currently available both on campus and remotely.

Morningstar Direct is an investment analysis platform. It provides access to 350,000 investments in Indexes, Equities, Hedge Funds, Segregated Accounts, Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, Insurance/Pension/Life and Exchange Traded Funds. For every investment, there is information on performance, operations, portfolio holdings, risk measure and proprietary tools.

Available on 4 bookable PCs in the Financial Resources Zone, Business Library, 12 bookable PCs in the Financial Resources Suite, Northampton Square Library and 9 non-bookable PCs in the Business Library Study Room.


How to use MorningStar Direct:

You can use MorningStar's own internal help when you are logged in.  Go to the 'Learn' section of the Home tab to find out more. Help manuals are available here: 

Login details are available by completing this request form or by emailing Password will be updated every Monday. 


Specialist Resources in the Financial Resources Zone

Available only at the Business Library in the Financial Resources Zone: