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LibGuides at CityLibrary

Resources and Best Practices for creating LibGuides at City

Purpose of this Guide

It is important that all library web content be properly maintained and kept as part of a cohesive whole. This LibGuide provides links to step-by-step training, outlines best practices, and includes a process for reviewing and maintaining LibGuides.

What is LibGuides?

LibGuides is an easy to use Content Management System used by libraries worldwide.
We use LibGuides to create Subject Guides, Help Guides and Services Guides for library users. Staff pages, such as the Staff Manual, are also made with LibGuides.  
Please look at Springshare’s Best Practices for Building Guides which demonstrates how to create a guide step by step.

Do you need to create a new Library Guide?

If you would like to create a guide please complete the Libguide request form